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Great team and professional to work with. They did a promotional video on our property where we curated the general flow of the video and asked if they could do that. It was executed beautifully! Thanks Yasas and team!

Radheesh Sellamuttu

Chairman | Leopard Trails


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Unveiling Aerial View: Pioneers in Captivating 360-Degree Digital Experiences

Aerial View is a dynamic and innovative 360-degree digital content creation company based in South East Asia, with daily operations spanning across the picturesque landscapes of Sri Lanka and the enchanting Maldives. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch services in video productions, post-production and VFX, virtual reality content creation, aerial cinematography with high-end drones (including FPV drones), virtual walkthrough tours, product photography, hotel photography, and adventure sports.

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Project Discovery

Understand the client's objectives, vision, and requirements. Gather details about the project scope, goals, and desired outcomes. This step sets the foundation for a successful collaboration.


Tailored Proposal

Craft a comprehensive proposal tailored to the client's needs. Outline the project's key elements, such as content type, technology, timeline, and budget. Provide clear options for customization.


Conceptualization and Visualization

Collaborate closely with the client to visualize the project. Develop concepts, storyboards, and creative ideas that align with the client's vision. Ensure a shared understanding before proceeding.


Agreement and Kickoff

Finalize project details and obtain client approval. Formalize the agreement, outlining roles, responsibilities, and deliverables. Once agreed, initiate the project with a kickoff meeting to align all stakeholders.

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